Welcome to the Duty Cats

Duty Cats focuses on user benefit and community. It is a web3 social club with member-only applications and special events.

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Benefit of Duty Cats NFT

After Reveal
Mint Prize

Special mint prize, everyone who buys Duty Cats NFT has a chance to win. Please check the Mint-Reward section for details.

After Reveal Episode 1
Get Free

When you buy a Duty Cats NFT, You will have free access to the first episode of Duty Comics. It will be distributed after the Reveal.

All Time
Earn with us

Participate and win Events, Giveaways, Surprises with our unique apps.Dive deep into Web3 with us.

All Time
Own All Commercial Rights

All rights are now yours when you purchase Duty Cats NFT. Whether you use it in ads, sell it or have it as your profile picture!

Daily or Weekly Version 1.0
Duty City

Get around the city with daily or weekly tips. Learn about the future and encounter surprises.
Enjoy this unique experience!

Monthly Version 1.0
Duty Box

Specially designed for Duty Box NFT owners. Owners will be verified after logging into the app and will be able to participate in the prize pool.

Mint Reward


Total Prize : $102.000

Find & Win

When you randomly mint Duty Cats NFT on Mint day, we give you the special DC screen for a short time. When the time comes, the Duty Cats hidden behind the screens will reveal themselves! Catch the pirate and 0659. Encounter Detectives and Cops. EARN great prizes.

You will earn $15.000 when you buy a random Duty Cats NFT and encounter 0659.

You will earn $15.000 when you buy a random Duty Cats NFT and encounter Pirate.

You will earn $4.500 when you buy a random Duty Cats NFT and encounter Detective.

You will earn $1.500 when you buy a random Duty Cats NFT and encounter Police.









Join our Family

We came step by step, we did not stop, we ran, we always asked. we talked. This is another form of explanation. I grind my teeth. We always fought for ourselves, we did not give up, we were determined, we were here to succeed. We've rolled the dice for as long as we can remember. Our hearts jumped in an instant. We have a surprise if you come, I have a question ? You know the answer. Hey are you coming ?

Are you in or out ?

Indulge in the pleasure of running through the streets of the city with boundless imagination. Join this enchanting adventure where every step feels like a dream come true.

In this magical zone of cats, every corner eagerly awaits you with thrilling surprises.

Follow your instincts as you explore the hidden alleyways of the city. Let ordinary streets transform into joyous avenues painted with vivid colors. Get ready, for the miracles you'll encounter throughout this enchanting journey will captivate you!

Duty Map

  1. Mint Reward System
    The story was written for the role system. Roles were set between NFTs for the mint reward. The smart contract and website are coded for Mint.
  2. Duty Box Beta
    Design and Beta opening for the first launch of Duty Box.
  3. Duty Comics Website
    Comic will be distributed free of charge to NFT owners (gas fee only). Owners will have access to digital comic.
  4. 3333 Unique NFTs available for sale
    We offer 3333 unique Duty Cats NFTs for sale on any Launchpad.
  5. Distribution of the Mint Reward
    Prizes will be distributed to the winners the day we reveal the Duty Cats NFT.
  6. Duty Box V1 Official
    The Box is on Duty! The box will randomly distribute a limited number of prizes to NFT holders on the specified dates.
  7. Duty City Launch
    It's time to reveal the hidden events going on in the city.
  8. Duty Map 2
    We will share the second DUTY-MAP with you.